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Patient Input Devices

Patient Input Devices

Resonance Technology offers a range of accurate patient responses measurement response tool for use during the MRI scan. All devices are fully MRI compatible and many can be programmed to replicate keystroke sequences.

MRI Compatible Joystick for PC and MAC (USB)

Features 4 buttons at the unit base, plus a redundant button on the top of the stick. All necessary cabling and drivers are included. Buttons are programmable in the PC mode only.

MRI Compatible Trackball for PC and MAC (USB)

Features 2 buttons programmable in the PC mode. The device can be used to emulate a sequence of keystrokes. A dual mode PC/MAC version also is available.

MRI Compatible Keypad (PC or MAC)

All numeric digits and math operators are included in this compact unit. It is ideal for one-button patient response. Resonance Technology is always adding to its advanced line of input devices and can also customize a device for you. Please contact us with your required specifications for a quotation.

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