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CinemaVision 2020 Audio/Video MR System

Resonance Technology, Inc., after years of continuous development, proudly introduces the latest upgrade MRI Audio/Video system – CinemaVision CV2020. This innovative state-of-the art revision of the MRI audio/video system is specifically designed to improve both patient comfort and facilitate research audio/video stimuli within the MRI environment. Integrating the most sophisticated and high technology system which seamlessly combines the needs of patient comfort and research fMRI applications in one comprehensive unit.


Headset and Visor Fit flawlessly in side the MRI Head Coil


A New World of Research Possibilities

Keeping up with technological advances, RTC has integrated the HDMI connection for crystal clear 1080p to 4k resolution delivery to the CV2020 Visor. Its compatibility to high resolution takes away the need to set up one less thing when connecting to the CV2020 System.

Turnkey fMRI - It's That Easy

An optional upgrade to the CV2020 system is an enabled integrated Eyetracker camera. The sleek design makes the camera almost invisible to the user as the camera is integrated into the optics of the CV2020 Visor. Also, as a general upgrade the 3D stimulation can work on the CV2020 Visor without any extra devices. Connecting a CPU with G-lock graphics card with dual output can be connected to the CV2020 Controller to active 3D imagery in the CV2020 Visor. Little to no prep with short set up time for patients.

Advanced features include:

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