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Company History

Resonance Technology – Where Innovation Resounds

For almost 20 years, Resonance Technology has set the pace for the industry with its unique all-digital virtual reality and audio MRI entertainment systems as well as advanced fMRI technology.

Resonance Technology was founded in 1988 by Mokhtar Ziarati , an electrical and nuclear engineer with a specialization in MRI and CT technology. Ziarati believed that MRI was destined to become one of the most important diagnostic tools of our time. He recognized that patient comfort was the key to realizing the modality's full diagnostic potential and to helping clinicians maximize their MRI technology investment. While envisioning an enhanced patient experience with virtual reality and audio-digital technology, at the same time Ziarati sought to address the related goal of facilitating tools for functional MRI of the human brain.

A Key Clinical Edge

When Resonance Technology brought its first MRI audio product to market in YEAR, it touched off a revolution deep within the magnet bore. Scans were faster. Patients were more content. And this often enabled more accurate, clinically relevant studies.

In 1990 Resonance Technology lead the industry again by developing the first MRI-compatible video system. Multi-media programming helped even the most problematic patients relax.

Shortly thereafter, with typical innovation, Resonance Technology also re-purposed this technology for clinical applications, launching its advanced functional MRI product line.

The 3D Revolution

In 1993, Resonance Technology touched off another revolution—the age of 3-D MRI entertainment with innovative stereoscopic glasses for both research and clinical applications. The innovative device relied on two independent video displays within the magnet to directly relay video to the patient's eyes, setting new standards in crystal clear lifelike visuals.

This was followed in YEAR by the first MRI-compatible virtual reality system, combining pure, realistic digital sound with ultra-high resolution 3D viewing. With the addition of the first eye-tracking system, the company introduced a new functional MRI product that helps top researchers study and map the human brain.

Always in the forefront of its field, today Resonance Technology continues its tradition of innovation by developing and refining new MRI-compatible systems, as MRI technology evolves and gains a reputation as one of the most promising diagnostic imaging modalities of our times.

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