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Resonance Technology's Growing Client list

Leading hospitals around the country, as well as successful imaging centers have selected Resonance Technology for clinical MRI applications: Yale University (4) National Institutes of Health (4) University of Connecticut (2) University of Minnesota Georgetown University University of Michigan Stanford University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Beckman Institute UC Davis UC San Diego UCLA Dartmouth University University of Arizona Brookhaven National Laboratories SUNY McLean Brain Imaging Center Medical College of PA University of Chicago University of Maryland at Baltimore (2) Long Island Jewish Hospital University of Virginia Medical College of Georgia Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara Washington University Johns Hopkins University of Pennsylvania Carnegie-Mellon University University of Southern California Medical University of South Carolina Wayne State University Oregon Health Sciences University Children's Hospital Zurich Max-Planck Institute, Leipzig Max-Planck Institute, Munich Karolinska Institute Haukeland University University of Niigata University of Ulm Veteran's Hospital-National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan University of Munich - Klinikum Grosshaedern University of Bonn INSERM (2) Institut Fuer Angewandte Physik FORENAP William Beaumont Hospital Medical and CT Diagnostics Wendt-Bristol Diagnostics Children's Hospital Cincinnati Children's Hospital Philadelphia Children's Hospital Los Angeles Childrens Hospital Denver Massachusetts General Hospital Opeloussas General Hospital Open Air MRI of Center-LA Radnet Tomball Regional Hospital St. Christopher's Hospital, PA Penrad Imaging Center Tri-City Medical Center, CA Wilmington MRI Alliance Imaging (6) VA Hospital San Francisco VA Hospital San Fernando Margaret Pardee Memorial Hospital Alamance Regional Medical Center Missouri Baptist Hospital St. Joseph's Hospital-Burbank Kootenai Medical Center Penrad Mt. Rainer MRI MDR New York (8) Henry Mayo-California Kent General Hospital West Hills MRI Sharp Grossmont Hospital Hospital Notre Dame, Montreal RMG San Diego Thomas Jefferson University Kaiser Hospital, Hawaii

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